Full Service Inspection

Preventative maintenance on your vehicle is essential. You can trust that our shop’s full service inspection will find the things that could become a headache in the future. Our full inspection service includes:

Check Brake Fluid
Check Battery
Check and Grease Chassis
Check and Fill Tires
Vacuum Floor Mats
Check Antifreeze
Check Belts and Hoses
Check Power Steering Fluid
Check and Top-Off Transmission Fluid
Check and Top-Off Differential/Transaxle
Check Air Filter
Check Wiper Blades
Check and Fill Wiper Fluid
Check Lights


We provide our recommendations & let you make the decision!

Oil Change Options

Regular oil changes are one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. Our oil change service options include:

The Regional – Conventional Auto Ace Branded Oil
Lasts Approximately 3,000 miles
The Regional – Conventional Mobil Super Oil
Lasts Approximately 3,000 miles
The Traveler – Synthetic Amsoil XL
Lasts Approximately 10,000 mile
Mobil 1 Oil – Synthetic Oil
OEM Rec Interval Mileage
Diesel Economy – Mobil Delvac Oil
OEM Rec Interval Mileage
Diesel Deluxe – Synthetic Amsoil
Lasts Approximately 10,000-20,000 miles

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